About Our Family

Your daddy and I met at a friend's birthday party in 2003. Daddy was a freshman at UCF, and I was a freshman at UF. We became friends, and eventually started dating in 2005. When we graduated from college in 2007, we moved to Atlanta where Daddy went to law school at GSU and I went to PT school at Emory. On August 29, 2009, your daddy asked me to marry him in a hot air balloon above Lake Lanier. A year an a half later, we got married. There are so many more wonderful details to the story of Mommy and Daddy, but if I told you all of it, it would turn into a sitcom that would take several seasons to get to the point.

{image by H.Photography}

On October 1, 2011, we moved into the house that would become your first home. It's a great house, because it's super close to where both your daddy and I work, it's convenient to all of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta while still letting us enjoy our quiet suburban bubble, and most importantly, it's still only seven hours from Disney World. Plus, your big sister Chelsea seems to think it's the palace she truly deserves (she is a royal dog, after all).

Your daddy and I enjoyed being DINKs for a while. For two years, we enjoyed traveling, watching British stuff on TV, exploring this city that still feels new to us even though we've been here for a few years, and making each other laugh. We were happy, but we dreamed of the adventure of parenting. We talked about it often, always with smiles on our faces. You were so wanted, so prayed for, so loved even before you got here.

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