Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Weekend at the Farm

Your friend GG has a horse farm. Well, her grandpa has a vacation property that includes several beautiful horses and several beautifuller I mean not fuller you don't look fuller but more beautiful farm houses. On Memorial Day weekend, just after you turned 17 months old, GG's family invited us and our other friends to come along with them for a fun weekend on the farm!

It was one of the most beautiful places you've ever been so far, and the weather was perfect. You got to spend lots of time with friends...

...and make new ones!

Best of all, Chelsea got to come too!

It's good for our prissy pooch to get out to the countryside from time to time so that she be reminded that she is, in fact, a dog. She took a minute to warm up, but then she was all about it. She was chasing new smells, frolicking in the horse corral, riding in the bed of a truck, and giving the new babies kisses.

The humans had a really great time. It was very low-key - just a lot of relaxing with our friends! GG's parents also invited our friends the Highsmiths. Cason is older than you are, and McKenzie is younger; I met GG's mommy through their mommy, and the three of us always have a ball when we're together. It's so great that we all have kids around the same age! I assumed you'd spend most of your time with Cason, since you usually gravitate towards older kids. But you were all about those baby girls! Cason was happy to spend a little more time with the men, so I wasn't too worried about him feeling left out with you ladies.

We cooked out and toasted marshmallows, and you enjoyed exploring a new home. You even got to take a fancy bubble bath in a grown-up tub!

On Sunday, we went into Serenbe, the town nearby. It's a really unique place in that it's more of a community than your typical town. There were trampolines built into the ground, fresh produce growing everywhere, and a really cute little city center with really nice shops and restaurants. Your favorite part was the livestock area. 

Our favorite part of the weekend, though, was all the time we got to spend outside, enjoying a beautiful Georgia weekend.

We had a really great time with our friends, and it was great to get away from the city for a few days. Hopefully we'll get to go back some time!

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