Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Your Second Christmas

I don't really remember your first Christmas, and I'm sure you won't. But your second Christmas was pretty awesome. In fact, the whole holiday season was just tons of fun! You loved celebrating Hanukkah, and you were very good about keeping a safe distance from the menorah.

We spent Christmas Eve at Auntie Sara's house, where you had lots of fun playing with your family and eating yummy dinner. You even got to go look at some pretty cool Christmas decorations at her neighbor's house!

Christmas morning was the best part. You looked so in awe when we carried you down the stairs. What was all this stuff around the tree? How did it get there? We showed you where Santa ate the cookies from the night before, and then we let you dive in to gift opening.

After all that fun, you took a nap. When you woke up, Daideo was there with more presents! You napped again, and when you woke up, Auntie Sara was there with more presents! I was worried we were teaching you that Christmas morning happened every time you woke up, but you were very sweet and appreciative and didn't take it for granted.

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