Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy First Bee Day!

You had, in my humble opinion, the most adorable first birthday party of all time. I wanted it to be a big deal, selfishly, to be honest. I was celebrating the anniversary of the day I became a mother, and I also felt like this was probably the one and only time I could get away with choosing the theme myself, as I'm sure next year you'll have an opinion!

I love doing things like this, so your day was the perfect excuse for me to enjoy my crafty side. I went for a baby cocktail party kind of theme; obviously only the grown-ups were drinking cocktails, but the decor was glamorous enough for a cocktail party. Oh, and I decided to use a provencal blush and gold kind of look along with some honey bees to inspire the little details.

We literally invited every friend in the ATL area who has kids. We also invited family and a couple of neighbors. Literally every single invitee came to celebrate with you (except for Abue but she came to visit for New Years).

You had so much fun playing with your friends, and we had so much fun being cheesy in the photo booth!

The cake didn't exactly work out the way I wanted it to. You see, I found some amazing Pinterest recipe where there was whole grain flour and no added sugar and blah blah blah. Well, the cake looked and tasted like bird seed, and the frosting was basically just a milk glaze. The entire point of a first birthday is to have lots of big fluffy frosting that you can smash into your face. Auntie Amanda attempted to save the dessert by adding tons of powdered sugar to the icing. This defeated the entire purpose of the healthy option I had found, but it made the cake palatable, and almost smash-worthy.

Fortunately, you still managed to make enough of a mess that it was slightly entertaining, at least amusing.

Afterwards, you had an unreasonable amount of energy, thanks to Auntie Amanda's frosting!

Best of all, you didn't even really crash too hard at the end of the day. It was a wonderful day celebrating, and you were completely surrounded by love.

{all photos by J.K. Riggs Photography}

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