Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eleven Months Old

You had quite the busy month! You visited with family, went on your longest road trip to date, and celebrated your first Halloween. Unfortunately, you also had a pretty bad cold during part of your eleventh month. You're rarely sick, but when you are, you're usually still in pretty good spirits. The worst part is that your sensitive skin breaks out! This bug seems pretty bad because, as I'm writing this post way too late, it's lingering. Or maybe it's overlapping with some teething symptoms. Who knows?

You're just as mobile as ever these days. You can crawl like a champ, pull to stand like it's nothing, and you love pushing your little gator walker around. You've picked up some speed, and as a result, the calories seem to be melting away. That's right, you're thinning out! I love your chunky baby body, and I thought we had more time before you start to look like a big girl, but it's all happening so fast.

You're such a big girl now, we had to move your crib down! You're trying to climb out of it, and you love to try climbing up stairs. Being a big girl has also allowed us to be more flexible with your bedtime, which is fantastic for our social life. You love going out to dinner, and Mommy and Daddy love going out to dinner later than 5:30!

Speaking of socializing, your social skills have really picked up this month. You're waving consistently, which is so much fun for your daycare teachers when you leave every afternoon. You've also learned how to make an "abababa" noise by putting your hand up to your mouth. You love to copy grown-ups when they do this, and are happy to do it on command. I'm hoping you put these two skills together soon and start blowing kisses! You've also been trying to share. This usually involves food, and Chelsea, but it shows your sweet personality and we love that!

You're growing so fast; I can't believe the next time I write a post like this it'll be for a one-year-old!

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