Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hurwitch Family Reunion

One thing I really love about our extended family is that we have far more women than men. Men are great, don't get me wrong. But I think it's really important for girls to be surrounded by lots of positive female figures. Even if you have a brother someday, I'll think it's important for him to have this exposure as well. Your mommy fancies herself a feminist, and that means that for every influential man there is in the mainstream, we need to have just as many inspirational women. I like to think that our family helps to even that out.

You've met your aunties on your daddy's side of the family and on Daideo's side of the family, and of course you know your Auntie Sara. But last weekend, you got to meet the rest of Mimi's family. You've met your Auntie Amethyst before, but you also met her and Mimi's sister Carol, as well as their cousins Lisa and Johanna. These are very important people to your mommy, so I was very excited for you to meet them...and they were even more excited to meet you!

We kicked off our weekend at one of Mommy's favorite restaurants with Daideo and Auntie Amanda. After all, he wanted some time with his girls, too!

You demolished some avocado (per usual) and made friends with the waitress, so it was a pretty great outing. I'm so glad that you love restaurants as much as your mommy does!

Next, we met up with Mimi's family at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. You had been there a few times, but not on a day like this. It was the beginning of fall and it was beautiful!

Everyone was so happy to spend some quality time together on such a beautiful day.

We went home and picked up some caffeine Chelsea and went over to Auntie Sara's house for dinner.

It was a really nice time, especially because it was right around Mimi, Auntie Johanna, and Auntie Carol's birthdays!

We put you to bed in your pack-n-play so that Auntie Amanda and I could stay up with the grown-ups doing boring grown-up things and definitely not drinking grown-up drinks. You actually did pretty well with the transfer to your carseat and then to your crib!

The next day, we had a lazy morning and I made a big breakfast for us and Auntie Amanda. Then, we went over to Auntie Sara's again! All of your aunties babysat you so that Mommy could go to a memorial tribute performance for your neighbor, Ms. Katie. She passed away, and so it was nice to be able to celebrate her with her friends in a way that she would have enjoyed.

By the time I picked you up, I think you were tired of being so social. Overall, you did really great though! I thought it was interesting how you seemed familiar with everyone. It was as though you knew they were family! I know they're looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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