Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Play Ball!

When you were about nine months old, we took you to your first Braves game. You had been to a couple of Daddy's baseball games...

{cheering Daddy on at age 4 months}

...but this was different: your first professional sporting event was a big deal! Mommy and Daddy each have different favorite baseball teams, but we both agree that the Braves are our second favorite, so you will probably grow up rooting for your home team. Unfortunately, they're horrible this year, and they didn't do too well that day against the Mets. But we still had a really great time!

Your Daideo and Auntie Sara were really glad they were able to join you for your first game.

You slept through a lot of it (it wasn't a very good game), and I don't think you really understood what was going on down on the field. But you enjoyed the music and cheering, and you loved making friends with other fans. Also, you learned about how chopping is for baseball and not for football.

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