Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Overdue Photo Dump

Your mommy has seriously been slacking at updating this thing. I know I'm overdue for a blog post when I notice tons and tons of photos and videos in my phone that haven't made it on here yet. When that happens, I feel obligated to just post all of them with a few random updates. So. Here ya go!

One thing that we've made a lot of progress with lately is eating. You used to eat purées, like this salmon here:

Now, you're eating thicker solids and finger foods. It shows, too; you're growing so fast, you're almost too big for your fall wardrobe!

You've also had quite the full social calendar. You've had lots of playdates and outings, and you had tons of fun at Donovan's first birthday party!

You've really been on the move with crawling...

...and you've made some significant progress with standing.

I'm sure walking isn't far away!

But no matter how big you're growing, you're still my Baby Bear.

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