Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nine Months Old

For such a photogenic kid, we had a lot of trouble getting a good picture this month! Maybe it's because YOU STARTED CRAWLING THIS MONTH!

It's hard to say when you first "officially" crawled. Milestones aren't a clear on and off switch. Just like rolling over, you did it a few times and we weren't really sure whether it was intentional. Then you were doing it more often, but not on command (probably because you were only doing it when you wanted to). Then, on 9/13/14, you were off. By now, you've even gained some speed!

The best part of your newfound mobility is that you're also now able to push up into sitting from your tummy. This is huge because you used to get really frustrated when you were on your belly and got stuck. Now, you can easily transition in and out of that position all by yourself! It allows you to interact with your environment much more freely, and, as a very independent baby, that's something you really enjoy.

Your first teeth started to emerge this month. First, the bottom two poked through, and now the top two are starting to show themselves too. As a result, you've started eating so much more than purees. You love finger foods, and your fine motor skills are developing enough to help you learn this new task. Avocados are still your favorite, especially if you get to eat them at a restaurant where you get to be social.

Your social skills have developed significantly lately. You're better about babysitters and stranger danger, even though you still cry sometimes when I drop you off at school. (You love it there, you just want me to stay and play with you!) We've been really busy recently, and you love participating in all of our social plans - whether we're watching football with friends, playing tourist in your home town, or having family over, you always have a smile on your face. You've started to participate a little more in games like Peek-a-Boo, and you help me get you dressed.

A lot of your loves have stayed the same: singing, watching people sign, books, Chelsea, playing outside, going for walks, and going out to eat. You've started to enjoy dancing a lot more, and sometimes you bounce to some music when you're sitting and playing. You also love to bounce in your exersaucer and jumper. We've learned that actually you love all dogs, not just Chelsea. You especially love to play with Mattie, Auntie Sara's dog! It's really exciting when they come to visit because you get to see Mattie and Chelsea together, and that's always fun to see two dogs instead of one.

You don't love all animals, though. A couple of weeks ago, you saw a cat at Mommy's friend Miss Amy's house. You were absolutely terrified, and it took a while to console you after just looking at it! It was a dark and shadowy black cat, so maybe it was a little spooky. Daddy's shorts looked dark and shadowy on the floor the other day while he was in the shower, and you had the same panicked reaction when you saw them! At this age, your brain is developing enough so that you're developing an imagination. This is a lot of fun, but unfortunately it means that some fears might be developing too. We'll just try to show you how safe you really are, and hopefully you'll be able to be brave!

You're definitely not afraid of falling, though! You're all over the place these days. You love exploring, crawling, and pulling to stand. Maybe your first steps aren't too far away!

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