Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two Mommies?

One of the greatest things about your birthday is that Auntie Amanda will always be able to see you on that day, even when she lives all the way in New York. She's a teacher, and your birthday will most likely fall during Christmas break. This is also why she always visits us at some point every summer. This summer was no different. The last time Auntie Amanda had seen you, you were three months old. This time, you were seven months old! Such a big difference!

You didn't quite remember Auntie Amanda, but I could tell that you recognized something familiar about her. Was it from FaceTime? Or the pictures I show you when I talk to you about your family? Or was it just because she looks like me? Did it confuse you and make you think you had two mommies?

You got to have a night home with Daddy while Mommy and Auntie Amanda went out for a night on the town. One of the highlights from our night out was going up in the ferris wheel downtown.

From way above Atlanta, we saw that Lady Gaga was playing a surprise private concert in Centennial Olympic Park! You probably don't know who she is, but at the time she was a really big pop star. By the time you read this, she'll probably look like this:

{via NBC}

Anyway, we watched the concert from behind the fence, and had a nice night together. It was nice to have some time just us, and Daddy was happy to have some alone time with his baby girl!

You got to spend lots of quality time with Auntie Amanda, too. We started off the weekend at Sweet Auburn Curb Market, where we visited Indie Craft Experience's popup shop. You loved looking at all the different items throughout the market, and you loved getting lots of attention from Auntie Amanda and mommy's friend Stephanie.

We bought some things to stick in Daddy and Auntie Amanda's Christmas stockings, and headed to Nuevo Laredo for lunch. You clearly hated it.

Such a miserable child.

The next day, we went to the zoo. You weren't as excited about it as we were, but at least you were awake for more of it than you were last time!

Overall, you had a really great visit with Auntie Amanda. You loved watching her sign, you smiled at her and talked to her a lot, and you even kind of let her hold you! She really loved playing with you, too!

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