Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Airplane Trip

When you were seven months old, you went on an airplane for the first time. Daddy was in South Carolina playing golf with some neighbor friends, so we decided to take a girls' trip down to Mommy and Daddy's hometown of Coral Springs. Traveling with a baby (without the help of other grown-ups) was definitely a new experience for your mommy!

I was a little nervous about how you'd do...

...but I shouldn't have been. You were a champ! The whole flight down, you made friends with people around you. You were nothing but smiles.

Your Mimi was so happy to see you when she picked us up at the airport! She brought us to our hotel, where we had a nice quiet evening together. You had a lot of fun eating puffs...

...and playing with the mirror.

You even got your very own special crib in our hotel room!

The next day, we went over to Mimi and Mr. Jeff's house. They had all kinds of fun toys for you to play with!

We went down to the Intercoastal for a late lunch, and we met up with Abue and Mr. David there. It was so great to see both grandmas at the same time! You were surrounded by so much love!

Next, we went to the beach. I was very excited to watch you dip your toes in the sand for the first time!

To no one's surprise, you loved the beach!

Mimi was so excited to share her favorite place in the world with you!

It was a really great trip. You got to make new friends, spend time with family members who love you, and try lots of new things. But my favorite part of all was the fact that we got a lot of alone time just us.

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