Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eight Months Old

You may have noticed that we had a change in scenery with these little monthly photo shoots. It's just too unsafe to keep you on that chair because it's impossible to keep you still these days! We spend a lot of time on the floor, so that you can explore your world as much as you want to.

You've been so busy this month! We started out your eighth month with a visit from Auntie Amanda, and then we visited your Mimi and your Abue in South Florida. You've also had a few play dates, and you've been to the pool several times. Your social personality is shining more than ever, and that's been so apparent during all of this quality time with family and friends. You love making new friends, too; you always enjoy going out to restaurants or even just running errands because it's always an opportunity to meet new people. 

Probably the biggest change this month was moving up to the big kids' classroom at daycare. I think it was a much tougher transition for your mommy and daddy than it was for you! We really liked the teacher in the young infant classroom, so it was difficult to leave her. Plus, moving up meant that you weren't a little baby anymore! Realizing how much you're growing is always exciting, but it's also a reminder that it's happening so fast. It was time, though. You and your friend Ethan were the oldest kids in the young infant classroom, and now you're the youngest kids in the older infant room. This means that you get to watch the bigger kids crawl and even learn to walk. Your new teachers, Ms. Jean and Ms. Barbie, love you already and are always talking about how happy you are! You're also getting on a more strict schedule in this new classroom, which has led to some better nighttime sleep for all of us.

Over the last couple of months, you've really started to show more of an interest in objects. A while ago, you couldn't care less. But now, you play with toys all day at school, and you've even developed favorites at home! Your favorite toy right now is your tugboat. You're also showing a lot of interest in books, and you'll even reach for them outside of our usual storytimes. We always read to you when you request it! Right now, your favorite book is Baby Beluga.

You're a really happy baby at this age. You're always singing to yourself, sometimes even in your sleep. You're so curious about everything, and you always have a look of wonder and delight on your face when you're learning new things. It's really easy to make you smile and laugh, and sometimes you smile so big that you shake!

You spent this whole month on the brink of accomplishing major milestones. You became a lot more vocal, but it was still all vowel sounds up until two days before you turned eight months. Then, all of a sudden, you started babbling! It's hard to tell what sound you're making - sometimes it's a bababa or a dadada or a nyanyanya. But it's new and it's amazing to hear your voice in this new way. You've also begun to pull to stand more actively, and, as always, you love standing.

You're very affectionate, mostly with Mommy. You'll reach out for hugs, and you just love attention.

Chelsea remains one of your favorite play mates. She's especially good incentive for crawling practice! She's very sweet and patient with you, but she's good about running away when she's had enough and needs some personal space.

We're hoping to baby proof soon because you are sooo close to crawling! You army crawl all over the place, and you can come up to your hands and knees and rock.

You've changed so much, and you're so close to growing up even more! We're having so much fun getting to know your little personality as it develops.

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