Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too Much Haha Pretty Soon Boo Hoo

We had such a lovely Fourth of July weekend. You made new friends, you played outside, you stayed up past your bedtime. Maybe you were exposed to a few too many germs, though, or didn't get quite enough sleep, because you did not sleep Sunday night. I mean it. You did. Not. Sleep. Initially, you woke up every 40 minutes, then it was every 20. After hours of rocking and bouncing and singing, and several more nursing sessions than usual, I finally had the hunch to take your temperature. It was only 99, but I gave you some Tylenol anyway. You slept a little better. Daddy stayed close just in case.

The next morning, your temperature was 101. This was concerning, because "the next morning" really just meant a couple of hours later; thus, you had Tylenol in your system. Behold: your first sick day.

I helped Daddy get organized, and he got his stuff together so that he could work from home with you. (In hindsight, we should have called Ms. Karen to snuggle with you so that Daddy could actually work, but he was worried about you and wanted to help you feel better. Some things are more important than work.)

Later that day, he noticed you tugging on your ear, so he took you to the doctor. They didn't find an ear infection, though your fever had climbed to 102 in their office. They told us it was just a little virus, but that we needed to keep you hydrated and come back if it didn't improve promptly.

Your fever broke that night, but I stayed home with you the next day just in case. You were feeling so much better, so we went to storytime at the library. You didn't seem as into it as you usually are, and sure enough, when I went to nurse you before heading home, you felt warm. We were back up to 100.5, but Tylenol brought it back down pretty quickly.

So then we were playing on the landing while FaceTiming with Auntie Amanda, and you tipped over. Your head bonked a corner, which led to your first goose egg. Unfortunately, this is my area of expertise. I knew what to look for, and I decided that you were neurologically intact. I did, however, throw something together to ice it.

We took it easy for the rest of the day, with lots of snuggles and some Winnie the Pooh.

We decided to play it safe and try one more day at home. Mommy and Daddy couldn't miss any more work, so Auntie Sara came over and played with you. She hadn't babysat in a while, and she was so impressed by how well you can hold your bottle now!

By that night, you were back to your usual self. You went to school the next day, and smiled when we pulled into the parking lot as though you had missed it. I enjoyed playing hooky with you, and it was nice to have a day just us, but it was good to get back into a normal routine once you felt better. Most importantly, we all survived your first bug!

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