Sunday, July 20, 2014

Seven Months Old

I'm not going to lie - I'm glad I'm only doing five more of these photo shoots. This one was hard! You do not like to sit still these days! Most of our photos came out like this:

And then later, you cut our session short after you ate the sticker on your onesie:

If you're wondering whose hand that is in the right of that last photo, it's Daddy's. I called him in there to spot you after you tumbled off of the chair and onto the floor. I caught you like a football, and I was able to slow your descent, but you did bonk your head a little. I think it scared you more than anything else, and I actually had to nurse you to calm you down (which is rare these days). In my line of work, I'm well aware that these little stumbles are an important part of your motor development. But oh my goodness are they difficult. I will be replaying that particular fall over and over in my head for a while.

You like to play rough, though! You're constantly grabbing noses, pulling Chelsea's ears, putting pressure on Daddy's eyes (which we call your Mountain impersonation), and, of course, ripping Mommy's already thinning hair out. You're always on the move, and these are just ways that your curious little self is exploring your environment!

The last time we weighed you, you were 17 pounds, but that was a few weeks ago. You're definitely looking bigger every day! You wear different sizes in different brands, and at Target, you've even moved into the toddler section with 12-18 month leggings! They're too long on you, but the 9-12 month sizes don't fit over your very strong thighs!

Yes, you're growing like crazy, probably because you're such a great eater. You have two bottles of expressed milk and at least two nursing sessions every day, along with three sessions with solids every day. Auntie Sara got us a baby food cookbook, and I've decided to cook my way through it. So far, you've liked everything I've made out of there! Your favorite is the chicken with butternut squash and apples.

You're now able to pull to stand, though you need someone there to spot you. You'r trying so hard to crawl. You scoot around on your tummy, and sometimes you can even make it up onto all fours and rock forwards and backwards. You can hold your bottle, and you like to make music by banging your toys around.

You've also grown a lot socially. You always seem really interested in older kids, and you really enjoy story time. You love to smile, and laugh, and sing. You've also started to make different sounds (though not quite babbling yet), and you've started to imitate facial expressions. I've definitely noticed a couple of mine in there! My favorite is when you squeeze your lips together like you're putting on chap stick; that's definitely a Mommy face. You have a best friend at school, and you love meeting other babies. Mommy's friend Auntie Em visited you a month ago, and when she visited again this month, you remembered her! The best part of all about your social development is that you've become so affectionate. For a baby who doesn't like to sit still, you sure do like to cuddle!

We have a lot of fun stuff coming up next month, including your first plane ride and your first trip to the beach! I'm looking forward to every minute of it!

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