Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Great Slumber Party of 2014

When Mommy was interviewing for graduate school, she met Auntie Emily. Auntie Emily had a fiancé who was applying to the same law school as Daddy, who was just my boyfriend at the time. We were so excited about this coincidence that we decided to keep in touch. Sure enough, we both ended up at Emory, while Daddy and Uncle Ryan ended up at GSU. When I moved to Atlanta in 2007, I met Auntie Erin and Auntie Christina, who invited me to be their roommate since obviously the three Gators in our program needed to live together. The four of us became fast friends, and somehow Auntie Em crept her way into our lives, too, because she's much scrappier than you'd expect from such a delicate Texan flower.

{the first photo of the five of us, 2007}

Over the next nine semesters, we became best friends. We studied together and played together. We laughed together and cried together. We prayed together and loved each other at our best and worst. I'm lucky enough to have several women whom I consider best friends, but no other group feels more like family than these gals do.

{photo by H.Photography}

In 2010, Emily, Christina, and Erin moved away. We were reunited as bridesmaids at Erin's wedding just a few weeks later. Later that year, we saw each other at Christina's wedding. The next spring, I was lucky enough to have these ladies in my wedding. Later that year, I left my job at Grady and followed Auntie Em to her clinic. It was so wonderful working with one of my best friends, even if it was for a short while. The next year, 2012, we were reunited again for her wedding. Unfortunately, she moved a few months later, leaving me as the last remaining friend in Atlanta.

2014 began with the five of us living in five cities in four states, with no more weddings to reunite us. We decided to take matters into our own hands and have a reunion! Erin brought her husband Chad, but left their son Samuel at home. Christina brought her husband Evan and their son Brantley. Emily brought her husband Ryan and their daughter Caitlin. Em brought her husband Jonathan. There were 13 people staying in our house for a few days, thus The Great Slumber Party of 2014. I even bought us commemorative pajama pants.

Now that you've got the background, I can tell you about your weekend! Everyone got in late Friday night, so you got to meet everyone Saturday. Mommy made everyone breakfast, and we had a nice lazy morning.

You loved getting to know Caitlin!

Later that day, we went to the pool.

Saturday night, all of the Emory girls went out for a girls night, while you and the other kids stayed in with the guys.

Sunday morning, we went out to brunch at Seed. You and Cate had matching outfits!

We hung out at the pool again, and then we all made dinner together at home. You got to spend lots of quality time with Brantley!

The next day, you got to show off the aquarium to your new friends! The last time you went to the Georgia Aquarium you were almost three months old. Seeing it at almost six months old was such a different experience!

We wrapped up the visit with a little photo shoot with your new friends.

I was sad to see the crew leave, but glad to introduce you to people who mean so much to me and your daddy! Of course, we're already planning next year's reunion.

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