Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Six Months Old

Our biggest update this month is that you had your first day of school! There are three other kids in Miss Sam's class with you, all boys, and you are absolutely loving it so far. You're learning a lot, and getting to do all sorts of fun things, from art projects to story time! The best part of all is how big you smile at me when I pick you up every afternoon.

You've completely mastered sitting by now. It'd be hard not to! You're in the 68th percentile for weight but only the 23rd percentile for height, so let's just say you've got a good base of support! Those proportions make you beautiful, though, and everywhere we go people comment on how adorable your little rolls are! You've consistently been a good eater ever since we had your tongue clipped almost five months ago. You've conquered your fear of the bottle (even though you always seem much happier to get the real thing), and you're up to eating solids two to three times per day. You don't have any teeth yet, but you're definitely showing signs of teething!

Your language has developed quite a bit this past month. You know your name, and you respond to words in both English and Spanish. You've even signed a couple of times! Your first word was "all done" when you were eating solids. It won't be long before you're speaking along with those signs. You're always practicing using your voice! You talk and coo and even sing.

We've had a lot of fun over the past month. You celebrated Daddy's first Father's Day (which happened to fall on his birthday!), and you enjoyed a visit with new friends, as well as your Abue! You also enjoyed your first pool day.

You have favorite games, and you love just sitting around and playing with toys, whether by yourself or with a friend. Of course, Chelsea is still your favorite source of entertainment.

You're starting to try to get your legs underneath you when you're sitting, as though you're about to push into a crawl. You're enjoying tummy time more than ever, and you love scooting and spinning around on your tummy! You're always on the move. I think we'll have a crawler on our hands pretty soon!

Finally, I found out on your half birthday that I passed the exam that I studied for all during my pregnancy with you and during the first three months of your life. I'm now a board-certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy thanks to you, my sweet good luck charm!

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