Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Five Months Old

Probably the most exciting accomplishment you've had this month is that you're now able to sit! You always look so proud of yourself when you realize that you're doing it all by yourself without Mommy or Daddy holding you. But with great mobility comes great responsibility, so we've started talking about safety and looking out below...

...but for the most part, you just assume someone will catch you. And that's exactly how you should feel right now!

This was the first monthly update where I really had to do a double take. That can't be right...the 5 months sticker on the onesie? Really? You're double your birthweight, and you've developed quite the little personality. Look how much you've grown!

It's been a really fun month. You helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day, we went to the zoo, and you started to explore solid foods! Your favorite solid food so far is avocados, but I think butternut squash may be a close second.

We've really enjoyed the beautiful springtime weather, and we've gone on lots of hikes. Sometimes we go to the park with friends, sometimes we walk along the Chattahoochee, and sometimes we just stroll around the neighborhood with Chelsea. Either way, you're definitely getting good use out of the Ergo!

It's been a fun month for you, but it's been one of the harder months so far for Mommy and Daddy. You love Mommy so much (and that's a good thing!), that you've decided that you hate bottles and you won't nap unless you can nurse until you fall asleep. You also don't like to be held by anyone other than Mommy or Daddy. It's just a phase, and you'll grow out of it, but it's a little stressful given that you start school in just a few short weeks! Over the last few days, we've been working on these things, and we're already seeing some progress. You're starting to get the hang of napping without nursing first, and you're taking a few sips from a bottle. We're going to try a full bottle this weekend, so we'll see how that goes. As for the separation anxiety, we're just letting you play with lots of different people, first with Mommy or Daddy and then letting the other person hold you. It's a slower process, but it's a healthy sign of development! This is where you're supposed to be right now; we're just making sure the other grown-ups don't get their feelings hurt!

Our favorite thing about this stage is that your sense of humor is starting to develop. You laugh at our jokes, and you've started to play games of your own, too! One of your favorite games is knocking a toy off of a tower. You have this set of rainbow stacking bowls (which we lovingly call the "Tower of the Hand") and every time we put a toy on top, you knock it off and smile. You also like to do a fake-out when eating. You'll start to latch, then you'll turn your head at the last second, look up at me and laugh. You've also become very affectionate. You'll reach for Mommy or Daddy so that we'll pick you up, and you lean in for hugs. You really love to reach for Chelsea, although she is becoming acutely aware of your impending mobility and is starting to give you some space. You love kisses, and you're starting to get ticklish, too!

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