Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Springtime for Ellie and Her Family

In 2014, Easter (a holiday Daddy celebrates) fell during Passover (a holiday Mommy celebrates). We didn't really get into the meaning of either holiday with you too much this year, but we did want to expose you to them a little bit!

During Passover, we have a special ordered meal where different foods symbolize different things.

Additionally, we don't eat bread during Passover. You'd think that a gluten-free week would be pretty healthy, but actually we just eat a ton of brisket to make up for it!

(That side dish is cheesy potato-y goodness.)

Every Easter, the Easter Bunny brings you something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. This year, you got a bubble blowing kit (want), a bunny stuffed animal (need, obviously), pacifier clips (wear), and books about Passover and Easter (read). Here you are with Daddy opening your basket!

Since we were all dressed up, we decided to have a little photo shoot.

Then Daddy got carried away with the camera remote.

...and then we joined in the fun.

I hope you enjoyed your first Passover and Easter!

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