Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four Months Old

I think this has been the most fun month thus far! I'm done with my test, and I have a few more months until I go back to work, so we've really been having some fun together. This month, you went to Disney World for the first time where you got to visit with Mimi, Auntie Amanda visited you and we did lots of fun things around Atlanta, you celebrated Mommy's golden birthday, and you celebrated your first Easter and Passover. It wasn't all fun and games though, as we think you're getting your first tooth. This month, we've really seen your personality take off.

You're very social and silly, and you love to talk to us. You also talk to the sunshine on your jumper, Chelsea, certain toys, basically anything with a face. You've also either developed a strong preference for patterns or a deep appreciate for Mommy's home decor, as you consistently talk to our duvet cover. The fort trinket box that Daddy made for Mommy in 2005 is another one of your favorite things to look at. Basically, you just love to have fun!

You've shed your male pattern baldness, and are now developing a thin layer of light brown peach fuzz all over your head. We can't tell what shade your skin is yet because Mommy lathers sunblock on you any time we play outside, but your cheeks are very rosy. You still have the most beautiful blue eyes. We think you're starting to look a little less like Daddy and a little more like Mommy.

Moving is your favorite. You don't like to sit still, and if someone is holding you, they'd better be carrying you around! The only time you sit still is when we're at the dinner table, so we've started using your high chair even though you're not eating anything but breast milk yet. You're really good at tummy time, and can push all the way up on your elbows. Pretty soon, you'll be pushing on your hands! You rolled over for the first time on March 28th, but you haven't really done it consistently yet. Your head control is getting really good, though, and you love to practice holding your head up while sitting on someone's lap. This past month, you've also become so much more curious with your hands! You're grabbing and manipulating everything...usually to see if you can put it in your mouth!

You really love to do "standing baby," where we hold you up so that you can weightbear through your feet. Our favorite part about it is that you'll bring one leg up and then stomp down hard. We call it "Ellie-zilla." Our other favorite thing that you do is purring. You've never been a quiet sleeper, but now just as you're drifting off to sleep, you tend to make these sweet little sighing noises that show us just how content you are. Above everything else though, your cheeks are our absolute favorite.

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