Monday, March 24, 2014

Three Months Old

Your social growth has been just amazing this past month. Your personality is beginning to shine through. You're very playful, but then sometimes when you start to smile too big or you get too many kisses, you turn your head away, bat your eyelashes, and blush. We think you're being bashful! One of our favorite things that you do is insist on sitting at the dinner table. If we're at a restaurant or if Mommy and Daddy are eating dinner together in the kitchen, you fuss until someone will sit you in their lap so that you can be with the grown-ups. You just want to be included! You're definitely trying to communicate with us, whether it's with smiles or your little chatter. I think there are even certain words and signs that you're beginning to recognize, like "mommy," "daddy," and "milk." One thing is certain: you are one happy baby!

You're moving more than ever. You love tummy time, but you also love it when Mommy puts a blanket on the floor for you to squirm around on. You're sooo close to rolling over, especially from your tummy. You can also sit up on your own if there is a pillow for you to push up on. If there isn't a pillow, you can sit up with just minimal support from a grown-up. You love sitting, because you're able to see the world around you.

You laughed for the first time this month. It seemed like it confused, even startled, you...maybe because it interrupted your usual breathing pattern. You'll get the hang of it! You really love story time, and you seem to love music too. Sometimes you'll even try to sing along!

You still look more like Daddy than Mommy, but you're looking more like Mommy than you did three months ago...must be those cheeks! You still have deep blue eyes, and your brown hair is starting to fill in a little more on top.

You're changing so fast! What new things will you do during this next month?

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