Sunday, March 16, 2014

Abue's Visit

When you were about 9 weeks old, your daddy had to go out of town for work, leaving us alone for the first time overnight. I was pretty nervous about it. I knew I could take care of you without any help - that wasn't the problem. I was worried that if something went wrong, I wouldn't have any back-up. And I really felt bad for Daddy, who was really sad to leave you while you were so young. To cheer him up, I dressed you in your sweetest Daddy's girl outfit and we met him for sushi before he had to catch his flight.

Yep. That says "Daddy's Princess" and there's a skirt built into the leggings. Wow.

Those couple of days dragged. You were going through a growth spurt, so it was challenging to feed you as much as you needed it. Plus, Daddy wasn't even really able to talk on the phone much, so he didn't get to FaceTime with you like he had hoped. When he got home Wednesday morning (yeah, his flight landed at 8AM...yuck), he looked almost as happy to see you as he did when he first met you.

The light at the end of the tunnel was that your Abue and David came to visit you! Abue first met you when you were just one day old, but she didn't get to spend much time with you then. We were really glad that she got to spend several days with you around 9.5 weeks, especially because you've just become so much fun! David was really excited to meet you for the first time, too.

Some people think you and Abue look alike. What do you think?

Well one thing's for sure: you know how to dress alike!

We had a really fun weekend with them. You got in a lot a lot of playtime with Abue; she was happy to take you off my hands so I could squeeze in a little studying (it was NCS crunch time, after all). We took you to our favorite restaurant, Seed, and Abue and Mommy took you to the movies while Daddy and David played golf. We also met some new friends at a restaurant in Acworth. But the best part was all the quality time we got in as a family.

I think this outfit sums up  how you felt about Abue's visit:

Can't wait to see her again soon!

{Abue with Daddy at 8 weeks}

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