Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Months Old

This month has been really fun, and every day you amaze us more and more! You're sleeping less during the day and more at night, and you've spent your increased awake time being playful and (in my not so humble and very biased opinion) absolutely adorable.

Playtime has become, well, more like playtime. You love your bouncy seat, especially when it comes to staring at the little penguin. You're a tummy time rockstar (making your PT mama proud), even turning your head to sound when you're on your elbows! Your favorite thing to play with is your activity center, and you're getting really good at tracking and reaching for your birdies.

Not only have you become more interactive with your toys, you're also interacting more with people! You still love to have your hands touched, but now you also enjoy having your face touched, especially with kisses! It's been so fun to watch you become more and more playful every day.

You're moving a lot more, and not just when it comes to head control. Every time we go to change your diaper, you're such a wiggle worm!

It was a tough month for you in a lot of ways. You basically had oral surgery, you got your 2-month shots, and you had to deal with snow (twice). But you came out of it on top, and now you're eating like a champ and growing faster than I thought possible. You had some good times this month, too. You got to hang out with Daideo a couple of times so that Mommy and Daddy could have some date nights. You got to spend a lot of quality time with Mimi when we went on your first road trip to Gainesville.

You definitely still look more like your daddy...just a prettier version of him! Your hair is a little bit lighter than it was last month, and you still have the most beautiful blue eyes. Now that you're finally putting on some weight, you're growing some cheeks! Those pinch-able beauties are all Mommy.

We had a lot of fun during this month's photo shoot. It was just another excuse to play, obviously! And, of course, you provided us with a few outtakes.

We have some fun things planned for you throughout the next month, especially once Mommy is done with her test!

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