Saturday, January 25, 2014

You're Awake, You're Awesome: Live Like It

Not only does this blog serve as a baby book for some of our greatest (and simplest) memories together, I also wanted to fill it with important advice for you. I've been trying to come up with pearls of wisdom along the way, and wouldn't you know it?! A kid went and said it all without even trying! So here's a bit of happiness from the internet:

I'll try to post gems like that as I come across them because I think it'll make this blog somewhat of a time capsule for you. I think that'll be fun - to go back and look at what life was like for the rest of the world, not just for us. After all, when mommy and daddy were your age there WAS NO INTERNET. Your folks are pretty old, huh?

1 comment:

  1. Wow this is amazing! No internet?!! Sing, dance, laugh! Treat everyone like it's their birthday. Forgive the mess ups, especially your own! We're glad you're here. You always smell great! Don't get too busy. Dance. WIth Mimi? Oh yeah!