Wednesday, January 29, 2014


On January 28, 2014, Atlanta witnessed what has to be one of the worst traffic jams of all time anywhere ever. The cause? Two freeking inches of snow. There were many factors responsible for this catastrophe. Our government (state, city, and county) doesn't have a great system in place for such inclement weather. And why should they? The last time this happened was three years ago. It's hard to justify training people who can leave within three years, and spending publicly-funded resources to establish processes that could never (or at best rarely) be used. Additionally, we made a huge mistake and didn't cancel school. We realized that mistake, and let schools out at noon. Then most businesses closed at noon so that folks could pick up their kids, and the result was hundreds of thousands of people on the road at the same time. And finally, Georgians don't know how to drive in snow. And how are we supposed to learn when it snows like this once every three years?

It was a disaster. An avoidable disaster, but one that we would have had a really hard time avoiding. It started to snow at 11am. It was supposed to stop in a couple of hours and stay above 30 degrees, but instead it snowed until sundown and it dropped into the teens. You and I were going to go to the movies (to see Frozen, ironically!) but thankfully we decided to stay home. Your daddy left work early, and managed to get home an hour and a half later. He was insanely lucky. Most of our friends were on the road for three to five hours. A few were out for more than 12 hours. And some people had to abandon their cars and walk to shelter, be it a friend's house or a gas station. Kids were stuck at school, school buses were stuck on the road, and parents were stuck in between trying to figure out how to make sure their kids were safe. There were over 700 car accidents, one death, hundreds of injuries, and one woman gave birth on I-285. The streets looked like something out of The Walking Dead, even the interstates.

{via CNN}

But I don't want you to remember the horror stories. I want you to remember the stories of goodness and kindness that came out of such a terrible event. Atlanta may not know how to do winter, but we know how to do Southern Hospitality. For every terrible photo like the one above, there's another photo of folks helping their neighbors and total strangers, bringing them water, phone chargers, blankets, and hot chocolate. There are even photos of Chipper Jones rescuing people on his 4-wheeler.

{via Yahoo}

Some girl started a Facebook group that went viral and literally saved lives. The worst of times can bring out the best in people, and I want you to always remember that.

We spent most of your first snow day warm inside, but we did venture out for a few minutes so you could see what all the fuss was about. You hated it.

Chelsea was really eager to show you how much fun snow can be, but you just weren't having it!

Maybe you'll like snow a little better in 2017. And maybe Atlanta will be ready for that storm!

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  1. HAHAHA love it! Yes, I bet when she's a toddler, she will adore sharing snow toss with Chelsea & maybe Atlanta will be ready or at least close school! This almost looks like fun to ME! :-)