Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pinterest Fail: Birth Photography

I've noticed a trend on Pinterest lately where people are sharing ideas for birth photography. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful concept. And I think if you hired a really talented professional, they could turn even my ugly hospital stay into a work of art. But what did we do? We tried to DIY.

The inspiration:

Aaaaand my version:

The angle is awkward, and I wish I could say that your coloring is due to jaundice buuuut that's my bad too.

Daddy also took a turn trying to capture some special first moments. The inspiration:

Aaaaand my version:

Am I even awake? What's happening?!

So, when it comes to our DIY birth photography, I feel very much like this:

I suppose if we had actually hired someone, the only photos I would have reeeeally wanted would have been of your daddy in the OR. I couldn't see him (or maybe I was forcing my eyes closed to avoid looking at that claustrophobia-inducing blue curtain) but I would have loved to see his reaction captured! He just sounded so excited and full of pure joy when you entered the world.

The good news is that we DID hire a newborn photographer! You had a photo shoot when you were only eight days old! We got the photos back last week, and they're absolutely amazing. I promise I'll post them on here once your friends and family have all received your birth announcements!

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