Thursday, January 16, 2014


As I mentioned earlier, your arrival and the subsequent days were a bit of a blur. Going home was kind of the same. We were discharged from the hospital after staying there for two nights (three, if you count the night you were born). Your auntie Amanda came by to help us, while Abue, Mimi, and Daideo waited for you at home. At first, I thought it would be nice to have Auntie Amanda there because she's good company. I quickly realized that actually, we needed her help! Between all of our stuff that we had packed to bring to the hospital, all of the stuff that the hospital gave us, a flower arrangement, oh yeah and YOU, we needed some extra hands. And of course, I wasn't allowed to carry anything and I had to leave in a wheelchair. I liked when the nurse tech explained how to unfold the footrests; little does she know, I could change a flat tire on a wheelchair with significantly more skill than I could on my car!

One of the nurse techs helped us with your carseat...

...and we were ready for our first family portrait.

It was rainy, but pretty warm for a December afternoon. You slept through the entire ten-minute drive from the hospital to our house. And just like that, Team Ellie was home.

Both of your grandmothers were really excited to spend some time with you.

No one was more excited for your homecoming, though, than your big sister Chelsea.

She immediately assumed guard dog duties, and hasn't left your side since!

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