Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Early Milestones

Things are getting pretty fun with you, Miss Ellie. Playtime is becoming so much more than you just staring at a bunch of stuff in your activity center. You're actually starting to interact with it. For a neuro nerd like your mommy, there is nothing more exciting than watching you track objects, turn your head towards an auditory stimulus, and reach for a target that you've fixated on. You're also getting really good at tummy time, and you're finding your voice!

Then, the greatest thing ever happened on Monday, January 27th (your Auntie Michelle's birthday!) had your first intentional smile. Babies have lot of spontaneous smiles...yours usually occur just as you're falling asleep. But on Monday, you were sitting in your bouncy seat as usual when all of a sudden you started interacting with it. You turned your head every time the bumblebee rattled. You turned your head the other way every time the music started playing. And then you started staring at the penguin. I mean STARING. And who can blame you? It's black and white and has a face...isn't that everything 5 week olds are supposed to love? You started waving your arms in the air, with your elbows extended and your fists clenched, still staring. Finally, you hit the penguin with your little hand. Your face lit up and you beamed. I think you were trying to reach for it, and once you successfully coordinated that movement, you were just psyched!

I know these things can often appear and then not appear again for a while, but then yesterday you smiled again! Daddy had just finished bath time with you, and he was tickling your cheeks while getting you dressed. This was your response:

Greatest. Thing. Ever.

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  1. She will love this! GREATEST THING EVER! Every week gets more & more interesting! She is growing so fine! LOVE LOVE LOVE all 3 of you!