Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh the Places You Went!

As I've mentioned on here, your mommy and daddy really enjoy traveling. Sometimes we like to try out new adventures, sometimes we visit old favorites just to relive some of our favorite memories. Sometimes we explore close to home, and sometimes we travel to the other side of the world! We're really looking forward to traveling with you, and we hope that you have the same appreciation for wanderlust as we do. In fact, you've already been to a few places before you even got here!

When I was just 13 weeks pregnant with you, we visited our friends Sara and Jon in Washington, DC, the city where your mommy was born!

I was juuuust starting to get out of the first trimester queasiness, but unfortunately this transition into second trimester bliss was masked by bronchitis complete with a low-grade fever. It was not our best vacation, but we still did lots of fun things! We went to a Nationals game, we saw Seth Meyers do stand-up, and most importantly, we caught up with one of your mommy's best friends.

At 23 weeks, we visited our friends Emily and Jonathan at their new home in Philadelphia.

Look how much you'd grown in just ten weeks! I was feeling pretty great at this point, and Emily and I did lots of walking around the city since we had such beautiful weather. We ate lots of good food, and spent a lot of time at the art museum. We also toured historic parts of Philadelphia, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

For our next adventure, we visited our family in Orlando when I was 29 weeks. We stopped by my old stomping grounds on our way down.

We celebrated your Auntie Amanda's 25th birthday at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival.

We always have a blast hanging out in Orlando. I can't wait for you to meet your cousin, Keira!

Our last trip was to Elon, North Carolina when I was 32 weeks pregnant with you. I had to go to a class up there, and your daddy was nice enough to keep me company since I was getting pretty big and uncomfortable! This was more of a work trip than a fun trip, but we managed to squeeze in a little fun! We found some great food, including this ridiculous BBQ joint:

And we stayed at this really cute B&B just a couple of miles away from the class:

Here are some other fun things that happened right here at home:

When I was 10 weeks pregnant, Chelsea celebrated her 8th birthday...

...and Auntie Amanda, Mimi, and Sally came to visit.

At 17 weeks, Auntie Amanda came to visit again and I actually went out to a bar in Buckhead.

Then, we got all dolled up for our friend Melissa's 30th birthday party.

The Ohana came to visit and we took them to the Georgia Aquarium...

...and they took us to a 311 concert!

We watched a lot of football. It went well for your daddy...not so much for your mommy.

But baseball DID go well for Mommy! Here I am celebrating the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox at 31 weeks (Disclaimer: you're not allowed to root for the Red Sox because it makes Daddy very upset. We, as a family, are Braves fans).

We also had a Halloween party, where Mommy dressed as the TARDIS and Daddy dressed as the 10th Doctor. He taught your friend Alba, or Indiana Jones that night, how to use a sonic screwdriver.

As you can see, we sure have had a lot of fun waiting for you to get here! We can't wait to see what kind of adventures we can go on together!

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